Credit Unions

Just what credit unions need…

Excellent coverage. Competitive rates. Help with today’s exposures.

With all the changes going on in the financial and insurance industries, having the right risk protection is a must for every credit union. Rest assured. QR Insurance is totally focused on providing everything you need:

  • The best coverage – with more features than typical packages
  • Competitive pricing – on high-quality products you can trust
  • Excellent support – from experts providing the personal attention you want

Expanded coverage with added features

All of the protection listed below comes to you in one complete package – one combining features and rates that few other programs can match:

  • Corporate Protection including directors and officers liability
  • Cyber Liability essential in today’s business environment
  • Crime Coverage for a wide range of employee exposures
  • Property and Casualty protection for facilities and resources

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Add value and generate fee income

Offer members and employees a home and auto insurance program that can generate fee income as you strengthen your membership recruitment and retention.

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Quick answers and excellent service

When you take advantage of QR Insurance, you’ll receive rapid responsiveness and personalized support from experts in the banking and insurance worlds.

Fast estimates with no hassle

Most insurance companies ask you to submit extensive paperwork before they’ll give you an estimate. Not us. Simply send us the renewal statement for your existing policy. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to start your quote… then show you the value and enhancements we can bring your institution. Fast.

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